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Posting this because I've permanently left Livejournal, never to return again.
It recently dawned on me that I didn't tell anyone I was leaving or where they could find me, haha, I tend to do that.
And although I've loved my anonymity for the past few months, I've slowly come to realize that people are finding me by google searching my name.
I didn't know people really did that......
And to my surprise when I google searched my own name for the first time, tons of shit popped up! Am I the only person who hadn't googled their own name? >.<
So, all the creepers I don't like and don't want to find me, have found me, but my noncreepy friends who I love and actually miss don't have a clue what's going on with me.
Lame. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, lets fix that.

This is my main site and where I post details of my life (art, photos, poems, blogs, whatever):

You can also find me on these lame sites:
Instagram: SlumberNymph
Tumblr: SlumberlandNymph
Twitter: SlumberNymph
Youtube: SlumberlandNymph

I hate facebook more than like... anything! But I just made one a few days ago because I realize it's probably the only way I can talk to most of my real friends.
And when I say "real" friends, I mean the friends I've made online because most people I know in real life are assholes and impossible to avoid on facebook! >.<
I don't allow anyone to add me, so give me your email or link to your page and I'll add you<33

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